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Moto InstaShare Projector Review

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You can see many options to share your smartphone screen with other devices. This article is to give you a detailed review of the Moto InstaShare projector. This product allows you to share the screen from your phone. Check out this article to get the Moto InstaShare Projector review. It will provide you with all the features and specifications you should know about it.

Moto InstaShare Projector Review


This product has the neatest design. The top includes an abatement for the camera.

A hinge includes a slim metal piece. Also, the bottom has a small fan. The projector also comes with the standard connector as well as the battery level button.


The projector comes with a 480p display. It is sure to give you the pretty crisp image in the proper lighting condition.

However, its color and brightness are suitable for everything less than a 50-inch diagonal image.


You can use this one with ease. Also, it is simple to perform this projector. The product comes with automatic keystone image corrections.

It operates quite well. However, you can press the power button to go into the setting.

It also allows every incoming notification to display only on your device. Once you do not use the product, you just need to press and hold the button. Then, you can turn it off.

Battery life

It has a battery. It is sure to give you a battery with 1 hour lifetime. Although this one comes with a USB Type-C port, the positioning of the product has this facing down towards the table.

To charge your device, as well as the projector, you need to plug your phone into a power source.

Price/ Value

This product has an MSRP. That’s why it becomes one of the two more pricey Moto Mods.

This one can share presentations to watch videos. Moreover, you needn’t hook the device up to an external projector.


This feature makes it simple to get up and watching. Although it has no autofocus, it comes with a turning wheel to cover that. To get it right, the unit only has to take 3-4 seconds.

The stand

It is built with a sturdy stand. With it, you can watch it on a wall. It is able to go from flat to vertical.


This model offers a quick notification once the mood battery is about 15%. Therefore, you can determine when you need to pause to get your charger.


Now, you got all the essential information you should know about the Motor InstaShare Projector. This projector is not for everyone.

Indeed, it surely has its uses, not to mention a bit on the price tag. The Moto InstaShare Projector is suitable for business use.

It allows you to watch videos and films in a pinch. It has a soft-sided case. Therefore, you can carry it around whenever you don’t want it to be on your phone. This product is really worth the money you pay.