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Mylikes Alternatives Pay Per Click Sites

Mylikes Alternatives: Have you got great social media pages, you are well known in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Mylikes might have your first option if it had ever come into your mind to earn from promoting content on social media.

Well, Now You can think of some other options too!

Yes, there is a number of websites like mylikes that not only pay you a decent amount but are more comprehensive and have great potential to be tried. These mylikes alternatives do not have as strict roles as mylike does.

Websitelike.com team has been gathering information about sites like mylikes for about a few days, and now we bring you a cool lest of websites just like mylikes that will pay you per click.

Top 10 Mylikes alternatives that pay per click


Maxflow.money platform is designed for social Fanpage owners providing high-quality content through its unbeatable built-in single or mass scheduler saving, achieving an enormous amount of time and cost for users.

In addition to this, it pays currently the highest revenue on the market average eCPM is between 5-15$ but there is no cap limitation, therefore, it is not rare to see 20 or even 40$ eCPM among our users.


One of the topmost relevant and best alternative to mylikes.com. Fans2cash.com has a very clean front end. You can start earning by sharing the content on your social media pages.

No matter from which country you belong or what niche is your audience you will have the choice of different niches that fit your social media page. If you have a large following on Twitter or Facebook? Fan2cash is your best alternative to mylikes. So get started now.


if you are in search of mylikes alternatives, do not forget to visit my-nster. this is a very amazing website for earning extra income. people from all over the world earn much using this website. it works very simple, just sign-up and mention your website.

The website will show different categories of content. get the web-link and post to your website. this is a very easy way to convert your web traffic to dollars. if you are interested in using this website click on the link to get a start.


Leapviral one of the best site like mylikes, which has the slogan, that you deserve it. It lets is users share viral content on their fan pages to get them to earn a decent amount. I here strongly recommend having a look at the website.


The second most popular website like mylikes is Skylikes. Providing you with all the features you can find on mylikes. Start sharing content on your pages to earn per click. Skylikes provides payment in various forms, such as Paypal, wire transactions. I would strongly recommend to visit this site and check out if it fits into your niche of audience.


When it comes to similar sites like mylikes.com, one can never ignore the importance of Sharebullet.com which is a very famous platform for influencers and bloggers. It invites all the people to have some decent followers and fans plus website owners that want to monetize their websites.

Upon my recommendation, you must check this website and join them now! you can withdraw the amount as low as 10$. And there is now a restriction on time whenever you want to withdraw you can until you have to balance more than 10$.


Have you got a website or a blog with decent traffic? Then Didvertiser can surely be a very nice and best place to get started. This is more like mylikes , but in this case, you will only need to provide details of the website you own. All the ads per click can let you earn money depending upon the traffic you have.

ChaCha Affiliates

Mylikes alternative website run by a great company by Chacha. If you intend to start working with a trustworthy company this is the best place to go. But keep in mind that TOS has some strick rules they are very concerned with the traffic user to provide them.

For now, I have this website which is a similar website like mylikes.