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Sites Like Coursera:Online Free Classes

Sites Like Coursera

Sites Like CourseraSites like Coursera: Online free classes: The Internet has changed our lifestyle and how we used to do things. From entertainment to shopping, the internet has become a preferred medium for all the things we do. Now, the latest entrant to this list is education. Online education is quickly gaining acceptance among the masses and many universities have also started distance learning programs to facilitate students.

The Internet has empowered students to learn whatever they want, whenever they want and wherever they want. There are many websites on the web which is there to quench the thirst of students and Coursera is one of the famous one among them. MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) are quickly gaining popularity among the masses.

Coursera is the best website for free MOOCs. Its tagline Take the world’s best courses online for free? is enough to get anyone interested. You can take online courses from the best universities of the world online for free. Taking online courses will improve your skills and supplement your learning and help you in knowing new things.

There are many other sites like coursera that very few people know about. Here is a list of some of the best websites like coursera which can help you in taking courses and take your learning to the next level.

List of websites like coursera for online free Classes


Udemy is one of the most popular and highly visited sites with an online education marketplace having over Seven million students enrolled. There are 30000 plus courses. The number of Instructors at Udemy platform is 19000+. You can find a course in the following categories Development, Business, IT & Software, Office Productivity, Personal Development, Design, Marketing Lifestyle, Photography Health & Fitness, Teacher Training, Music, Academics, Language and Test Prep. This website definitely falls into the category of sites like coursera.

Most of the courses here paid, But the cool part is every instructor when launches a course, it is kept free for a couple of weeks, which you can watch for free. Other then this There are hundreds of courses and classes which are still free on Udemy. You can watch all the courses for free. Believe me, the stuff you will get from this website is way more valuable.

What if you want to buy a course desperately, but you don’t have the budget for it Well in this case you can simply go to a website named Retailmenot.com where you will get coupons for a different course, with discounts as low as 90%.


Edx is the one-stop destination for all your online courses. Many online courses from the best universities in the world are open and anyone with an internet connection can take advantage and learn new things. It offers courses on a wide range of subjects and you will have to read and view video lectures and take the test to pass the course. All the material is easily available from the course page.


If you are a big fan of learning online courses for free, then Alison could be the only place where I would recommend you to break the ice.ALISON is an e-learning provider and academy which was found in Ireland in the year 207 by some of the serial entrepreneurs. It is more like Coursera with free courses and classes.

Having around 6 million learners across the globe and more than 800 courses and subjects of various interests. This website not only provides you with free education of hundred of a subject but also let you earn a certificate. But remember you will be given assignments and home to be done for each course you are involved, on the basis of this task your certificate will be graded.

If you are newbie Alison is still a perfect place for you, it has no hard registration processes to be enrolled in any course. Courses at Alison offers a hands-on approach. You are also allowed to study with other members of your class by creating a group making online education best learning process.


If you want to take courses from different subjects and fields head over to Saylor.org. It offers a complete range of courses like you would complete getting a degree. All the courses are self-paced which is an added advantage and students will have the luxury to complete them at their convenient time.

This makes Taylor a little bit different from websites like Coursera They also have some courses for skill development and high school students. They are offering a diploma in collaboration with a university but it is not free.


If you are interested in taking computer science or engineering science courses online, then Udacity will satisfy you because it offers many computer-related courses to improve your IT skills. That does not mean that there is nothing for those who want some business courses.

It focuses more on engineering and computer science courses but has many courses to choose from. You will find the best couches and teachers that will work with you on your project. You pitch your ideas on the Udacity platform, they will get you interested investors in your idea.

Besides this, you can find and master any skill from front-end developer to designing, and from a business analyst to an Android developer. The best part is you have access to any course worth thousands of USD for free. What else you need. To me, this website is the best Coursera alternative. So go and get register to start mastering your skill and get a bright future.

MIT Open Courseware

Number one university in the world, MIT has taken an initiative of bringing all the course content taught inside classrooms online and made it openly available for anyone to access. You just need to have the thirst for knowledge and an internet connection to explore the world of MIT open courseware. It provides a complete series of video lectures by the best professors of the world who teaches at MIT. Students from all around the world can experience quality education from the comfort of their rooms.


If you are looking for some short lessons on elementary level courses such as Chemistry, Physics, biology, computer, etc then KhanAcademy provides a brilliant platform for those who want to develop their concepts. It is a perfect resource for those students who want to develop a strong understanding and develop a solid base. It can be used effectively as a supplementary resource to your high school or college learning.


Want to hone your programming skills or want to learn how to program in a different language, CodecAdemy is ideal for those who want to spend some time to become a coding wiz. You can easily find tutorials on many programming languages and simple instructions and language used to make it easier for you to get hang of the complex programming concepts.

They also give you some exercises to practice because programming demands practice. The exercises are designed such that if you do them properly then you can easily learn the art to program.

Soon more sites like coursera will be added that will help you learn free stuff on the internet and polish your skills the way you want.