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Softwares Like idm Download For Free

Softwares Like idm

Softwares Like idm

Softwares like IDM download for free: internet download manager is always admired by people because of its best features. It boots downloading speed up to five times than its original, The next best feature is that if you lose your connection or if your pc is accidentally shutdown, while you are downloading anything.

IDM will have the ability to resume it again from the point where it was left, you don’t have to download it again from the start. Next thing is that all downloads are safe, IDM downloads faster and safer.these are almost the same Softwares like IDM downloader.

Today I am going to tell you about other software like IDM download for free

Here are the top ten softwares like IDM download for free

1: JDownloader

Jdownloader is one of the best internet download manager alternatives, it speeds downloading up to ten percent more than other software, you can download it on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Jdwonloader gives its user full control of its software, its free and open-source download management tool.

it makes downloading easy by providing download option with any file or video. If You are tired of using other useless downloaders, try JDownloader and save you hours of work today. Here you can download it,

2: Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

If you are looking for IDM alternatives don’t forget about download accelerator plus (DAP), as from the name, it accelerates the download speed, not on single download but on all. DAP helps in downloading things easier, faster, and safer.

This software is having 300 million installations. The software does not only download videos, but it also converts them to any format you like. DAP is available in 48 languages.

Features of this amazing software are always up to date, like IDM it also provides download options on all files and videos. It is simple to install. Make things easy to download.

Top features of DAP

  • Boots all download, uses special features
  • Just needs a single click
  • You can watch videos while downloading
  • Free video converting facility
  • Videos to mp3
  • Protects your pc, by downloading safe and secure files

Here you can download it,

3: Internet Download Accelerator

It is software similar to IDM. It really awkward when your downloading is slow, resuming broken downloads and having the worst management of downloaded files. Internet download accelerator effectively solves all these problems.

Internet download accelerator runs best with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. The new features of the internet download accelerator speed up downloading using HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols. Like other alternatives of IDM internet download accelerator also let its user full control of software, any time you can pause or continue your downloading files.

You can also resume broken downloads, it makes downloading files and videos much easier. It also lets you target URL to download your favorite files and videos from the webpage. If you want to try internet download Accelerator click the below link, its totally free.

Get Internet Download Accelerator

4: Orbit Downloader

In the list of software like IDM Orbit downloader is on number four. it works like IDM in many ways, increase downloading speed up to 500% faster than before. Easy to install and use. It is free and safe, requires no registration.

It has the ability to download streaming media from their sites. The orbit downloader keeps the management of your downloaded files in an easily understandable form. The primary aim of the Orbit downloader is to download videos from big sites like youtube, myspace, Rapidshare, Pandora, and Imeem.

Top features of Orbit downloader Idm alternative

  • The tag system is enabled to the management of downloaded files
  • Best to download from social media sites, and streaming media
  • Doubles the download speed
  • Support Rapidshare and Metalink download
  • Support browsers like IE, Firefox, Maxthon, and Opera
  • Carry best proxy server configuration
  • Manage the general download, pause, and resume

Get Orbit Downloader

5: FreeRapid Downloader

Free rapid downloader next IDM alternative, you just need to copy the link of any file or video from any site, and past into this application. Freerapid downloader will itself detect the videos of the file to download. There is no need of clicking or uncomfortable waiting.

Its features let you control the concurrent downloading from multiple services. This software automatically checks for files existence on the server, it works best on MS windows. Linux and macOS. Freerapid downloader is available 50 languages, looks good and easy to use. If you want to use this software now click on the link below

Get FreeRapid Downloader

6: FlashGet Downloader

If you are in search of software like IDM, don’t forget to use FlashGet Downloader. It increases downloading speed up to 10 times. The main advantage of using this downloader is that your pc will remain clean form viruses, malware, spyware, etc.

Not just this but this software will also fix bugs that exist on a computer. It is best to download the manager to save files and videos to your pc faster, safer and clean form all sorts of viruses.

Get FlashGet Downloader

7: GoZilla Downloader

Software is similar to IDM that enhances your downloading speed. This tool is only for windows. It has a unique feature that boots and accelerates downloading speed. This software keeps your progress saved if it causes any loss of network or shutdown of the computer occurs.

Top features of GoZilla Download Manager

  • Manage all sort of downloads
  • Accelerate Downloading speed on each.
  • Recover downloads if lost connection or pc reboots
  • Easy-to-use
  • Powerful Features that quickly save files from websites
  • Reliable
  • Versatile supports all sort of protocols
  • Use It Everywhere
  • Safe – does not contain adware or add-ons

Get GoZilla Downloader

8: Download Accelerator Manager (DAM)

Download accelerator manager is one of the best internet download manager alternatives. It is free to use, the DAM has the best features that divide the downloading item into dynamic-file- segmentation.

DAM is different from other software similar to IDM which split download into parts just before the download. DAM dynamically segment the downloading file throughout the process. The best part of DAM is it saves your time on all downloads.

Top features of DAM

  • Download and file with smart download logic accelerator
  • Chrome, Firefox supported.
  • Control on the resume, recover, and acceleration
  • Safe and clean
  • 100 % Free from virus
  • Support HTTP and HTTPS

To download DAM click the button right over here:

Get Download Accelerator Manager (DAM)

9: GetRight Download Manager

In the list of IDM alternatives, GetRight download manager is on number nine. Like other software similar to IDM this software also manages, schedule, recover, accelerate the downloading files. It is simple and easy to understand.

This software is having a large community and users, you can download the file either by using it download options or copy the webpage URL and inserting to the software. It detects the downloadable file automatically, you don’t have to wait too much, GetRight saves time.

GetRight Download Manager

10: Mipony Download Manager

internet download manager alternatives list also includes mipony download manager. Designed to download a large and small file from the website, works best with google chrome, this software helps you to download things faster, smoother and safer. Get Mipony Download Manager