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TeamViewer Alternatives: Top 10 Free Remote Access Software

TeamViewer Alternatives

TeamViewer AlternativesThe Best TeamViewer Alternatives

TeamViewer Alternatives, Technological advancement has opened new doors of opportunities. IT and Telecom sector is the best exponent of technology. The software industry has gone through an evolution and software developers have ensured that the user gets software for every requirement.

Remote Access software is software which enables the user to remote control PC from another computer. Although, the application of such software was quite limited in the early days’ things have changed since then.

Thanks to intuitive remote access software, even the beginner who doesn’t have the technical expertise can easily remote control computer from another. The first name that comes to your mind when you hear the word remote access software is TeamViewer.

The main reason is that it is one of the most popular and one of the best remote access software out there. There are many other alternatives to TeamViewer that many people are unaware of. This article will shed some light on these TeamViewer alternatives.

Here is the list of some of the best free remote software out there.

  1. Splashtop Remote Desktop
  2. CrossLoop
  3. Remote Utilities
  4. Ultra VNC
  5. Ammyy Admin
  6. Aero Admin
  7. Remote PC
  8. Firnass
  9. AnvDesk
  10. Lite Manager

Splashtop Remote Desktop

If you are looking for a formidable TeamViewer alternative, then Splashtop fits the bill perfectly. Initially announced for Mac but later arrived on Windows and became one of the best free remote access software.

Like other free remote control software, Splashtop also has two components, one is called the streamer and the other is called the remote. Users must install streamer on the PC they want to remotely access, while the remote should be installed on your own PC.

The automatic scanning feature is great as it searches for the hosts on your network. Apart from that, there are clients for Windows, Mac, iOS, and android available for users.

Some users complained about experiencing slowdowns, which is disappointing. Although there are few niggles here and there overall the software hit its mark.


CrossLoop is the best remote PC access software for those geeks who are always called upon to help their friends and family members in sorting out IT-related issues. The best thing about this software is that it put you in command of a remote PC as you are sitting in front of it.

Download, install and setup process is as straightforward as it gets. You would be in the middle of the action within a few minutes. You can get complete access to the PC and perform or help family and friends resolve all types of issues.

This ranges from checking why the printer is not working to installing different software on other machines. If you have many relatives and friend that requires your help in sorting out technical issues, then there is no better software than CrossLoop. It’s user-friendliness, ease of setup gives it a definite edge over its competitors.

Remote Utilities

What makes Remote Utilities stand out from the rest of its competitor is the way it uses to connect your PC with a remote PC. It uses internet ID as a medium to link both PCs together. Another salient feature of Remote Utilities is that you can connect up to 10 PCs with this software.

When you run the agent on the host PC, you get instant access without the need of installing anything. It can be launched from a flash drive. It might be a little confusing to configure the software on the host machine for some users.

Once configured, you can easily access a remote PC without even watching at the screen thanks to different modules. Remote printing feature and multiple monitor view are unique features that make Remote Utilities a worthy alternative to TeamViewer. It can be installed on both Windows operating system and the Windows server.

Ultra VNC

Ultra VNC, most commonly known as VNC is a PC remote access software that bears a lot of resemblance from Remote Utilities. This means that if you have already used Remote utilities or similar remote control software, you won’t find it difficult to get the hang of things but for other users, the learning curve is quite steep and they will have to adjust.

When it comes to ease of use and setup, this software leaves a lot to be desired. Even the download page is a bit consuming. Configuring the port forwarding can be tricky for users without any prior experience with any remote access software.

This might put some users off. On the brighter note, once the configuration is done, you can easily access ultra VNC service from any place with an internet connection. You need a server IP address to access the PC on the go.

Ammyy Admin

For user who wants easy to use, hassle-free installation and portable remote control PC software, then Ammyy Admin is a godsend. Not only does it save you from a complex installation process but its portable size can also be carried around and launched from a USB drive.

This program uses an ID generated by the software to connect both PCs together. When the correct ID is entered, access to remote PC is granted. The only downside to this efficient remote access software is that it is only available for Windows and Windows server operating systems therefore; Mac and Linux users are out of luck.

It is one of the best remote assistance software out there that can compete with Ammyy Admin when it comes to user-friendliness but when it comes to features, there is room for some improvement.

Aero Admin

Aero Admin scores the highest points when it comes to ease of use among all the software on this list. Users don’t have to worry about getting into complexities and the process is trouble-free. This makes Aero Admin one of the best software to deliver instant support services.

It borrows some visual elements from TeamViewer but separates itself from the most popular remote control software with its simplicity and ease of use. There are two ways to control the PC remotely through this software, one is to share the tool generated ID or via the IP address.

On the clients’ end, just enters that ID or IP address and you are good to go. As soon as the host acknowledges the connection, you can get full access to the remote PC. This software is only available for different versions of Windows operating systems,

Remote PC

The free version of this remote access tool only allows you to connect one PC but if you want to get more features and connectivity options, you should pay for an upgrade. One connection for free formula will not affect personal users but for heavy users, this can create a serious barrier.

This move might force them to look for other alternatives that offer a host of features with their free software. Commonly used Windows, Mac, and Windows server operating systems are supported by this software.

The host software caused problems when running on Windows 10 but viewer program worked flawlessly. Until Remote PC doesn’t iron out several issues, you are better off looking at other remote access software available in the market.


It is quite amazing to see remote access software that is tiny in size but loaded with useful features. Firnass is the best example. Consuming only 600 KB of your disk space but deliver a host of features. To get the most out of this software, you will have to create an account and login.

After logging into your account, all you have to do is add other users by using their email addresses or usernames. Once connected, you can easily share your screen and even start a voice chat with the person on the other side. The facility to run remote commands along with the ability to recording the session give this software a clear edge over its competitors.

To use the screen sharing feature, the client computer must initiate the process. Another salient feature of this remote access software is that it is not only free for personal users but also free for commercial users. Firnass is only available on the Windows platform.


Users who are worried about the complicated installation and setup process of remote control software must try AnvDesk. If you have installed any software, you won’t find it difficult to install this remote control computer software because it installs in the same way as any other software, saving users from the hassles of complicated installation.

This software works a little differently than others as well. Users will either have to note down the AnvDesk address or use a password after launching the software on the computer you want to access.

Unlike other software on this list, host PC has the privilege to grant permission or reject permission related to particular items such as keyboard, mouse, sounds, file-sharing or even the clipboard.

The client will not even have to wait for the host permission provided that the attended access is setup. If you want comprehensive remote access, then they’re no software better than AnvDesk. Another advantage of this software is that it is available on Windows as well as Linux as a free download.

Lite Manager

You will be hard-pressed to find differences between Lite Manager and Remote Utilities, especially when it comes to layout. It takes the lead over Remote Utilities and other remote access tools on this list when it comes to a number of remote computers you can connect to.

Lite Manager offers users the ability to connect to a whopping 30 remote computers at any given time. Add to that the number of useful features this software offers and you get a complete remote access powerhouse without spending a penny.

There are three ways to connect to remote PCs. Users can either use the IP address, computer name or software generate ID to establish a connection. There is a restriction that the method used by the client and the host should be the same. For example, if the host computer uses the ID, then the client PC will also have to use connect by ID option to create a link.

Once you are able to make a connection, you can do all the things that you could do with Remote Utilities. From managing multiple monitors to transferring files, you can even get full or read-only access to the remote PC.

It can go as far as locking the other person keyboard, monitor and chat. That is how powerful this tool is. The portable version of this remote access tool is also available and worked with different versions of the Windows operating system without a hitch.


Can’t find Windows Remote Desktop and Chrome Remote Desktop in this list? Well, they are omitted from this list for a reason. Windows Remote Desktop is a built-in Windows tool or function while Chrome Remote Desktop is an extension for the Google Chrome browser.

Both of them are not stand-alone remote desktop software. No matter how feature-rich and efficient they might be, they do not fall in the same category of dedicated remote access software as other software on this list.

Whether you are looking for remote access software that saves you from the hassle of complex installations or wants a remote control tool that offers loads of useful features, it is better to find the right balance between usability and features to get the best experience out of these remote desktop tools.

All in all, remote assistance software follows the same connection methods with slight differences here and there but you should be open to change and try other software if one does not work out for you, especially when they don’t cost you anything.

Considering all the above-mentioned factors, it usually comes down to personal preference when choosing the right remote access program. After reading this article, you are now able to select the perfect remote access software according to your needs.