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Top 21 Affiliate Networks 2024

Top 20 Affiliate Networks 2024

Top 20 Affiliate Networks 2024TOP 21 AFFILIATE NETWORKS

TOP 21 AFFILIATE NETWORKS 2024: Affiliate marketing is quickly gaining ground against other forms of marketing but there is still a long way to go for affiliate marketing to challenge other methods of marketing.

Will this be the year when affiliate marketing and affiliate networks will leave a lasting impression on the scene. Only time will tell the answer to this question but until then let’s take a look at the top 20 affiliate networks of 2024.

1. CJ

When it comes to technology and publisher popularity, CJ is cut above the rest. It is one of the best affiliate networks and 2015 will be no different for CJ. It is a popular professional network that is looking forward to 2015 as the year when it can extend its lead over the competitors.

2. Rakuten Linkshare

Coming at a very close second is none other than Rakuten Linkshare, another big name in the world of affiliate networking. What makes Rakuten Linkshare so special is its advertiser support, which is hard to beat and leave the competition in the dust. Although it lags in other aspects it is a solid affiliate network.

3. Amazon.com

Most people know amazon.com as one of the best e-shopping and bookstores in the world but many people are unaware of its effective affiliate network. It is a gate to many publishers. It is hard to match the wide range of product offerings from Amazon and user-friendly interface further adds to the overall experience.

4. eBay

Much like Amazon, eBay is also famous for its online shopping store but it is also a worthy contender for affiliate marketing. Publishers love eBay Partner Network because of the wide range of products and solid support for advertisers. The acquisition of Papperjam has further sweetened the deal.

5. Click Bank

When you talk about affiliate networks and affiliate marketing, you cannot leave out Click Bank out of this domain. Although they are still evolving and changing the rules on promotion and disclosures if you are a beginner then there is nothing better than click bank for you. It is still one of the largest affiliate networks in the world.

6. Avangate

One affiliate network that is making progress by leaps and bounds is Avangate. It has managed to scale new heights in a short span of time. The stronger support from its publisher community is making it a strong challenger, which can give some tough times to top affiliate marketing networks in the world.

7. ShareASale

If you are looking for an old affiliate network that still holds its own, then you should go for ShareASale. Although it has taken a back seat you cannot neglect this affiliate marketing network for this reason. It is one of the most stable and reliable affiliate networks in the world.

8. AvantLink

For people who are looking for everything in one place, AvantLink is the answer to all their problems. It has a brilliant business model and quite popular with advertisers too. Like ShareASale, it also focuses more on stability and reliability.

9. Revenue Wire

Revenue wire has come a long way and has made an impact on the affiliate marketing scene. It was not a worthy name a few years back but it is now made strides in the right direction. Now, it has managed to earn a good reputation among the masses.

10. FlexOffers

One standing point of FlexOffers is that it is a network that consists of skilled online publishers with full support and compliance monitoring for advertisers within a wide variety of product domains.

11. Affiliate Window

If you live in Europe or the USA, then this is one of the best options when it comes to affiliate networking and marketing. After showing what it is capable in Europe, it has set its sight on the US and did not disappoint its US customers too.

12. Link Connector

The popularity of Link connector has skyrocketed in a few years and it managed to make a name for itself. You will find a lot of top brands and proprietary technology, which gives this affiliate network a clear edge over networks on this list.

13. Trade Doubler

With more than 15 years of experience in this domain, Trade doubler is still going strong in Europe and other parts of the world too. It is an excellent publisher network, there is no doubt about it.

14. Impact Radius

One affiliate network that has industry experts behind it is Impact Radius. When it comes to technology, it is still better than most of the affiliate networks listed higher on this list but lags behind in other aspects. You can get some pretty good numbers with this affiliate network in 2015.

15. AffiliateNetwork

If you want to run an email campaign, then there is no better option than the Affiliate Network. Although, not as good in other departments but it does pack a punch when it comes to running email marketing campaigns.

16. One Network Direct

One network direct has not lost its popularity among publisher but it had been overtaken by many new players in affiliate networking.

17. AdMedia

AdMedia has made a strong comeback this year and managed to secure its place on this list. Even though it is around 17 years of experience but was overtaken by other players in the race last year but now it is focusing on taking its rightful place.

18. Webgains

With offices in the UK, the US and other countries of the Webgains is not a bad option, especially for global advertisers and publishers. The main focus of this professional affiliate network is on providing core value to advertisers and publishers.

19. Valueads

The innovative customized ads campaign offering from Value ads has to lead to a dramatic increase in popularity over the past few months. They are now making inroads into the industry with their customized campaigns.

20. Affiliate Future

Affiliate future is a consistent feature on the list of top 20 affiliate network every year but its popularity graph has gone down over the years that are why it is languishing at the bottom of the list. They can still make a strong comeback by making a few changes and get back on track again.

21. Galaksion

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