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Abdtech 130 mini led projector review – Home movie and gaming

Coming in at under $100, the Abdtech 130 mini led projector makes for a very affordable home theater system. Also, if you are a gamer looking for something cheap this will connect with all major gaming consoles But if you are currently considering, you should be realistic, because in no way does it rate up there in quality with models costing hundreds of dollars more. But for the low cost it really does provide decent quality in a few different areas.

There are more than a few things we like about the model which we will cover below but the following video review does a very good job giving the information most people are looking for.

Did you see the image quality in the video?

OK, if you did watch the video above then you saw the image output. In our opinion for under 100 dollars the output was impressive. It’s going to be hard to beat at this price. And it was shown on a brown paneling, its going to look even better when projecting it on a white wall or a screen. Overall, for the money the image quality is impressive.

Brightness and image size

This is another area that we are impressed with. The brightness is rated at 1000 lumens which is not actually that high but this is a LED light source not a traditional lamp so the lumen brightness rating might be a little bit of a misnomer or inaccurate.

We are not going to tell you this is a super bright projector that can handle the room lights blaring and the sun shining in the windows. But you will be surprised at how much ambient light this little cheap projector can actually handle while still providing a quality image.

Image Size – The Abdtech mini led projector can produce a 130 inch screen image which is probably larger than any TV most people have owned. The 130 inch image is very much watchable for movies and gaming.

This may be important information for some people to know, in order to produce the 130 inch image the projector will need to sit around 13 feet from the screen.


In this price range you will not find a projector with high definition 1080p resolution. The Abdtech 130 mini led projector runs on LCD technology and provides WVGA 800 x 480 resolution.

Again this is nothing to brag about but for a home movie and gaming projector costing under $100 there is nothing to complain about. The video below provides another look at the image quality.

Abdtech 130 mini led projector – conclusion

We don’t recommend this projector for business or classroom presentations but for someone looking for a cheap projector for home movies and/or gaming this is a good choice in the under $100 price range. Of course if you can afford to spend more you can get a higher quality model but the Abdtech 130 does perform surprising well in a few of the most important areas.