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Epson 8350 bulb life

Epson, the manufacture, rates the bulb life of the Epson 8350 PowerLite home movie projector at approximately 4000 hours. Compared to other projectors this is neither terrible nor outstanding rather about the middle of the road.

However, where it does out perform the majority of the competition at its price point is in the area of brightness. In both white and color brightness. This has much to do with the 3LCD, 3-chip technology which comes installed in the projector.

Buying a replacement bulb

If you need a replacement bulb, Epson recommends the Lamp Type: E-TORL™ 200 W UHE this is the same exact bulb which comes initially installed in the 8350 model brand new. It’s meant to work best with this model. Last time we checked a replacement was priced around $100.

Of course there are cheaper options available on the market. However, these are not specifically recommended by the manufacture. Not saying they will not suffice but at least take the time to read what others have said to say in their reviews to learn about their experience with these cheaper bulbs.

Important: When you change the bulb do not use your bare hands. Use a clean cloth to hold the bulb. The oils from your skin can effect the lifetime of the bulb.

Tips for prolonging bulb life

Here’s what we suggest:

  • Make sure, “sleep mode” is turned on. This allows the projector to shut down if no signal is being received over a certain period of time. This mode can be set for 1 to 30 minutes.
  • Operate the projector in an environment between 41 to 95 °F.
  • Operate the projector in an open space to provide ventilation.
  • Clean the air filter of dust.

This tips are somewhat common sense but you never know! Following the tips above will prolong the Epson 8350 bulb life.