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Digital Galaxy DG 737 Dream Land HMDI LCD Projector

This review will focus on the things you will want to know about this projector before spending the money to purchase it. The first thing that usually catches a person’s eye about the Digital Galaxy DG 737 Dream Land HMDI LCD Projector is the low price ($158). Yes, it’s very affordable. But then most reasonably sane people begin to wonder what level of quality will a “digital projector” under $200 provide?

As you can see from the star rating above a total of 515 people took the time to rate this projector. At the time of writing our review this model had received an overall rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars. This is a very decent score. But do you want to know something odd? Out of these 515 reviewers: 213 gave it a 5-star rating, while 81 others gave it a 1-star rating. How can so many people love and hate the Digital Galaxy DG 737 Dream Land HMDI LCD Projector at the same time?

Before discussing and explaining this love/hate relationship furtherWhile price may be a very important factor in your buying decision. You need to consider the level of quality and also whether or not the model fits your intended use. The majority of people who buy this model use it for home theater and gaming.

Good vs Bad ratings a huge discrepancy

We want to provide some of the more relevant comments and questions (below) left current owners and potential buyers. But to understand the good vs bad rating discrepancies in customer reviews we thought it would be best to buy and test the Digital Galaxy DG 737 Projector for ourselves. See what we think below.

Digital Galaxy DG 737 Dream Land under $200

Results of our experience using the model

The Dream Land 737 is definitely not a high-end projector but from using it ourselves we do believe it provides value at a price under $200 ($158). One thing we found very positive is when we opened the box we saw it included an extra bulb and a HDMI cable. Replacement bulbs are usually quite expensive and most projects you buy do not come with a HDMI cable. These cables are not very expensive $10-20 but it’s nice to have it included.

Once out of the box and hooked up to the Blu-Ray player in the basement and had very low expectations on the quality of the picture it would produce. We first projected the picture on the stucco walls of the basement and then onto a white sheet of paper on the wall. This is not a super high resolution projector but the picture (resolution and contrast) was better than what we expected.

Initially, we projected a diagonal screen image of over 100 inches. At this size the image did appear a little pixilated. Decreasing the 100 inches improvement. We took the image size down to 80 inches and felt this produced the clearest, sharpest picture and the colors appeared the most vivid at this image size.

For those who have been wanting to buy the Digital Galaxy DG 737 Dream Land Projector for gaming. With the HDMI port this model will hook up to any gaming console (PS2, PS3, Xbox, Wii etc). The input speed was fast enough to handle both Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and NBA 2K15 on the PS3.

Anything not to like

First, we would like to address is the term “digital” in the product name. We do feel the name of the projector is a bit overboard in order to influence buyers. Don’t expect you are buying something high tech because the term “digital and also galaxy are in the name. This is not a high-end model.

What we did notice was when you do turn this model on the noise produced by the fan is a bit loud but quiets down after its been on for a good five minutes.

Also, if you plan on having the lights on then this is not a good choice for you. You will want to use it in a a dimly lit room. The darker the room the better.


As we have already stated, we do feel the Digital Galaxy DG 737 Dream Land HMDI LCD Projector provides value at it’s price ($158) it produces a decent picture but don’t expect to be blown away. If you are looking to buy something cheap that can handle all the different gaming consoles and to watch a move in a dark room then this is a good choice for under $200.

One suggestion, if you want this projector to produce the best image possible you will want to buy a projector screen to use with it. If you can’t afford a screen at this moment then we suggest hanging a white bed sheet up to project the image on.