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Analyst: iPhone 6 To Come With Pressure, Temperature and Humidity Sensors

It’s no secret that many of us expected the iPhone 5S to come with a larger array of sensors, especially after Samsung “blessed” its Galaxy S4 with a barometer and temperature and humidity sensors. Instead, Apple probably considered that it’s not yet the right time to promote this kind of technology/features, and as such, the company’s flagship came with the usual line-up: accelerometer, gyro, proximity and compass.

However, according to the latest report, things will change in this regard, once the iPhone 6 hits shelves. Join us after the break for more.

According to Sun Chang Xu (news chief analyst at ESM-China), sources close to the matter have revealed that Apple will catch up in the “sensors department”, as the iPhone 6 will feature pressure, temperature and humidity sensors. Please note that the analyst is probably not referring to blood pressure (this feature is rumored to be implemented in Apple’s iWatch) but to atmospheric pressure.

This makes sense, as this year Apple is rumored to be giving special attention to implementing support for a wide array of sensors in iOS 8. Apple’s upcoming OS will be capable, according to recent leaks and rumors, to monitor various fitness and health related stats (blood pressure, heart rate, hydration, glucose levels, calories burned and so on), so incorporating support for what can now be considered basic readings like temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity isn’t far fetched at all.

Have you missed having the aforementioned sensors in your iPhone, especially taking into consideration that the competition (aka Samsung) already made this move, one year ago? Let us know in the comments section.