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iPhone 6c To Be Released In February With A “Colorful” Metal Design?

Despite the fact that the iPhone 5C hasn’t been one of the most successful Apple devices to hit the shelves, rumors of a sequel have been flying around for a long time now. And as some of you might recall, back in June we came across a rumor suggesting that Apple intends to release a new 4-inch iPhone “C” in the first quarter of 2016.

Today, months after we last heard from this mysterious device, we stumbled across a new report claiming that the so-called iPhone 6c will be released in February 2016. In addition, sources say that the phone will be wrapped in metal, which will be treated with a wide range of colors.

Colorful Metal iPhone 6c to Debut in February?

According to data gathered from various unnamed sources (including Foxconn insiders) and cited by TechWeb, the fabled iPhone 6c will not follow in the footsteps of its predecessors, in that it won’t feature a polycarbonate shell. Instead, the 4-inch iPhone 6c will be wrapped in metal, which will be available in a handful of colors.

Source: lowendmac.com

Furthermore, iPhone 6c will apparently be unveiled in January 2016, and it will then hit the shelves one month later in February.

Although no other specifications have been disclosed, sources say that the iPhone 6c might be equipped with a Touch ID fingerprint scanner, but because the smartphone is aimed at a more affordable market segment (between US$ 400-500), the terminal will not adopt advanced features such as 3D Touch.

Assuming that the information above is correct, this means that we’re roughly one month away from the tentative iPhone 6c launch event held in January. And if this is the case indeed, then we’re bound to hear more about the fabled 6c in the weeks to come.

Stick around and we’ll keep you up to speed in case the story develops further.