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LG G3 Advertising Material Spills Every Major Feature of LG’s Smartphone

Source: dhgate.com

The LG G3 has really been making the rounds lately, as details and pics of the device have been leaked time and time again; just like it happened with the HTC One M8 and none other than Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6. It almost seems like these companies are deliberately leaking info about their upcoming smartphones, but that would be a mistake, wouldn’t it?

Anyway, returning to the subject at hand, we’ve just stumbled on what probably is the most important LG G3-related leak of them all – photos of LG’s advertising material. Take a look and join us after the break.

As you can see, every major LG G3 hardware spec is listed above. Additionally, LG seems to have jumped on the #selfie bandwagon. As you can see in one of the above pics, LG G3’s back mounted hardware buttons will probably also control the smartphone’s front facing camera. Or is that some kind of touch-sensitive back-panel? (notice the hand gesture).

Evidently, LG will stress how much of a difference the 5.5 QHD screen makes when compared with an FHD OLED display. Wait a minute, is that a Galaxy S5? LG will obviously target Samsung’s flagship when advertising the G3.

Another interesting detail revealed by the advertising material is that the G3 will also feature a 1 Watt Booster AMP. No additional details are available about this feature, but we’re curious just how this translates in that audio “OOMPH” we’re all craving for.

That’s about it. What’s your stance relative to the LG G3, now that we know almost everything about the device? Let us know in the comments section.