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Xperia Z5 Premium Teardown: Dual Heat Pipe Cooling, Thermal Paste

It’s no secret anymore that the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium comes with a 4K display (2160 x 3840 pixels). Nice, but you might be wondering how a 4K display might team up with the Snapdragon 810 SoC, renowned by its overheating and throttling issues.

Well, Sony claims that it has fixed the issues, but other manufacturers have claimed this as well. Not all the journalists present on site, at IFA, are agreeing with Sony, but until a consensus is reached let’s take a look at what Sony did to ameliorate the overheating resulted from the 4K display – Snapdragon 810 combo.

Take a look, and join us after for more details.

Considering the pic above is legit, Sony not only that went with a dual cooling heat-pipe system (see the upper part of the smartphone, probably where the CPU is located), but also applied one layer of thermal paste. You know, just like that paste you apply from time to time on Desktop CPUs.

We didn’t get around to testing the Xperia Z5 Premium in order to see if Sony’s cooling system is efficient or not, but our guess is that once this goes out to review-ers all around the world, various throttling tests and heat-maps will surface, so stay tuned.

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